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Medicare and Individual Health Plans

Need an individual health plan or life insurance?  Lynk Benefits and HR Solutions has access to individual on and off-exchange plans, as well as a wide range of Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements. 


From short-term medical, travel medical plans, ACA marketplace coverage, Medicare supplements, life insurance and more, Lynk Benefits and HR Solutions have affordable options for the coverage you need.

Medicare Supplements

Turning 65 is a milestone!  Becoming eligible for Medicare comes with many questions, and also some anxiety.  Our medicare advisors help you understand and weigh your options so you can feel confident you have the coverage you need.  

ACA Marketplace Plans

Looking for individual health insurance plans?  We have plans available in every state.  

Life Insurance

Lynk Solutions offers a range of life insurance options to meet your financial goals.  From innovative tax shelters, financial protection for loved ones, to final expense coverage; we have affordable solutions to fit your needs.

Medical Insurance for Travel

Making a journey abroad?  We have group and individual travel medical plans for students, non-profits, business travelers, as well as those traveling just for the fun of it!  Let us help you or your group today!

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