Life Insurance

Life Insurance Information

Offering  Life Insurance can be an extremely attractive benefit to your employees. For many people, buying life insurance can be a lengthy process including mounds of paperwork and physical exams.

Providing Life Insurance is an opportunity to expand your employee benefits.   Through the convenience of workplace enrollment and payroll deduction of premium, employees may also opt to increase the employer provided life insurance amount securing their personal financial security at much more affordable group rates.

Benefits for the Employer & Employee:

  • Expands the existing benefits offered with minimal cost
  • Employees put great value on life insurance benefits 
  • Part-time employees can be eligible on a voluntary basis
  • Group life insurance is guarantee issue; employees cannot be turned down for coverage
  • Spouses and children qualify for Simplified Underwriting which means there is no physical exam required
  • Employee can increase coverage by paying additional premium
  • May be portable, meaning the employee can keep the insurance after termination 

Individual life insurance can also protect business owners, providing funding for buy/sell agreements.  Let us help you with all your group and individual life insurance needs.  We will explain your options and compare products so you feel confident you are getting the protection you need.





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